My Girls

Clié in 2010

My girls are growing up well. They both have their very own distinct character. Clié is turning 8 and in P2, Cleo is turning 6 and in K2.

Clié Pan

Clié is an emotional girl and can be very sensitive at times. I would say she is rich in her feelings and its clear when she prefers to see drama on TV over cartoons. She will ask things like why this person like this, why that person like that, etc. Plus, she loves to explain to us what she understands too.

She is extremely fidgety and simply can’t sit still. She runs, sings, jumps, dances, twirls and makes loud exclamations as if she is in Camp Rock when she suddenly breaks into song like she is in a musical.

Then five minutes later, its Korean drama where she chokes on her tears and her self esteem takes a nose dive. I think she is a teenager already. With all the makeup, clothes, shoes, accessories, she IS a girl, not yet a women.

Cleo Pan
Cleo Pan

Cleo Pan

Cleo is a bubbly girl. She is organised, cheerful and generally a lot simpler. She does not do stuff that will make her parents shout at her, but instead her cute little moves makes her parents want to talk to her softly and cuddly her like one of her many carebear plush. Like today, she tied one of her small soft toy on her hair band and went for class. So cuuutteeeee.

She is not into princess stuff, but into soft toys, fast cars, tools and Animal Planet. To me, she is a cool kid.

HOWEVER, she is one of the most stubborn person in the house. If her mind is set on something, its easier to tell Obama to pull out of middle east then to tell her to change her mind (yah yah i’m exaggerating). But i think that might be the only thing that makes us frown.

She is proactive and well organised. For her birthday this year, she told us that it will start at 1pm, cake cutting at 4pm and party will end at 5pm. Both of us parents were surprised, but thats just how Cleo is. She will nag to do stuff for her if i’m suppose to. Like buy her batteries, bring her somewhere, do something for her etc. So she becomes my default reminder person in the house. She WILL remember and reminds me with a smile with her blinky eyes.

Ms #3 Pan

So Pearl is now 38 weeks preggy with #3, we are all wondering how this person will be like. Will she be more like Clié or Cleo? Will she be more like Daddy or Mommy? Or will she be totally different from the rest of us. Just a few days more and Pearl will pop.

I will be giving live updates on twitter and will announce the Hashtag when we go to the hospital. Follow me on twitter at @nickpan if you want to know. Just a few days away, just a few days away.

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