My Mom
Mom <3

She is excited posing for a photo and she wants to look as pretty as she can. Feeling awkward, but she still got her picture taken.

Her natural beauty and smile takes your breath away.

Work. Focus. Making others happy. Selflessness. Strength. Optimism. These were her strengths and how she conducted her life.

About 50 years later, she had four kids and five grandchildren. Still caring for her kids like how she did when we were little. Breaking for me that soft-boiled egg every morning for breakfast before I boarded the school bus.

My mom have always been a pillar in my life and her stability and exemplarily selflessness have somehow taught me lots of life lessons. I guess as a young girl, she would have never guessed the life she would have.

As a parent now, a dad of three girls, I too want to do a good job.

Mom, thanks for the life lessons that you’ve never taught. <3

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