Seeing the Jade


We all feel jaded someway or another.

I thought if I studied hard, I’ll get into a good school. I thought after I graduate from school and did well, I’ll get a good job. I thought that if I’ve put in enough effort at work I’ll be better paid. I though if I had a fantastic idea, I’ll change the world.

I thought if I treat them nice, they would treat me nice. I thought if I was interested in his stuff, he would be interested in my stuff. I thought if I loved her, she’ll love me back.

I’ve been mixing with a lot of very good people. Very nice and very good people. Unfortunately their circumstances are not so good. Family issues, money issues, sickness, accidents, tragedies.

I ask why.

I don’t think its fair.

Some crash and burn. Some fall into depression. Some lock themselves away in a tower and throw away the key. Some simply give up.

I feel so jaded for them. Its not fair.

But then again… Will it ever be fair.

I’m sorry. We don’t live in a storybook. There is no fairy tale.

The prince charming on the white horse could possibly become a drunk pedophile in the future.

The princess can grow old and become the wicked witch. The damsel could possibly not get rescued and got ran over by the train. The prince charming on the white horse could possibly become a drunk pedophile in the future.

The world doesn’t owe us anything, nothing at all.

If that’s the case, then how?

Then I realize what kept them going. They stay positive. They do what it takes. They keep trying. They don’t give up. They enjoy trying. They enjoy those around them trying together with them. They appreciate what they have. They count their blessings.

They don’t let what happened in the past affect what they are doing to achieve what they want in the future.



They see the Jade in Jaded.

In your face b*tch.

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