3 years of #GoingOut

3 years of GoingOut

Time flies. Its been 3 years already since our very first #GoingOut photo at our lift lobby. It started as a let’s do something fun while we wait for everyone to be ready to go out, then it became a let’s see who is last, then it became a let’s take a different pose, sometimes we are just waiting for the lift, then slowly it became a regular thing.

It’s really nice to see our kids progressively growing up. I can’t imagine how they will look like 10 years from now.

Quite fun to look back on what they wore on different days as it gives a hint on where we were going, also its clear not every day is a happy day. Sometimes someone don’t want to wear a pair of shoes, someone step on someone’s feet, someone have yet to wake up, but the best is when all are in high spirits and I get a good picture.

3 years of nickpan's GoingOut photos

Once I hit 5 years, I think I’m gonna print all of them out, exhibit it somewhere or maybe create a microsite for it. For now, if you wanna have a look, you can see them either on my Instagram or on my public Facebook album.

I’m glad we did this. Pls copy this idea and do it for your kids too starting today. :)

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