Day Out

Nick and Pearl

I badly needed some time out with my family and i was glad at the last minute Pearl managed to get her leave approved as well for the long weekend. We had absolutely no idea what to do on thursday, all we knew was… lets get up early and go out for breakfast. Prata and Jln Kayu we went.

Nick and Cleo

My girls are quite okay with prata and the standard drink we always have teh-o-peng. I hope that when they grow up, they too know how to enjoy the prata culture that i love so much.


My Clié is so much like me i can’t believe it. Her mannerism, her eyes, her nose, her character. Its just amazing to watch her grow up. One day, she will know it was her dad that made her like teh-o-peng.


My Cleo is always so cheeky, I think now this winking thingy is her signature pose already. Also who says goggles is not an accessory to bring for prata.

It was an unplanned day with the family and it was sweet. Thank God for a simple life.

4 Replies to “Day Out”

  1. hey nick, been visiting ur site frequently. ur posts and stories always encourages me and inspires me :)

    thank you!

  2. tea-o-peng oso my favourite drink..hope my children will like it in future too just like how they got influence from their dad. ;)

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