Golf GT and R32 in Singapore

I’m not really a car person and was never interested in test driving cars. However, after hearing about Volkswagen’s award winning TSI Engine, i think its really something, so i had to test drive it and experience it for myslef.

Volkswagen Golf GT
Golf GT

I went to their showroom and got myself a test drive. Being a test drive car I stepped on the gas fully and boy was it fun! The car definately feels like a 2.0 as some cliamed and it was great fun seeing the boost dial in the dashboard go up and down.

Volkswagen Golf R32
Golf R32

Since i’m already there, i test drove the R32 as well since i did not manage to do a test drive the last time round. It was much heavier than the Golf GT, but knowing it has a 3.2 lire engine, i drove in caution. It was powerful, maybe a bit too powerful for me.

Overrall, it was a plseant experience and you’ve got to try the Golf GT for yourself in order to apprciate the technology.

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