11 Replies to “Clié Pan on Remember Me Para Para feat nickpan”

  1. nick i actually laughed out loud at the book cafe for a good 1min!!!!

    so nice to see you and your firstborn just hanging loose. please please tell me that after the para paraing, your darling clie was finally tired out and relaxed

  2. hi, i often read your kid’s blog, but apparently the entire pearlpan.com domain is down. does that mean that i dont get to read those interesting posts anymore? :(

  3. Is there something wrong with the girls’ blogs? Seems that it’s some dunno what hotel, real estate stuff site now.

  4. I’ve been trying to contact Differnet Host to renew the Domain name as it expired. I’m still trying, i’ve emailed & smsed. If anyone know how i can renew the pearlpan.com domain, pls let me know as i can’t seem to contact Different Host.

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