suburban taxonomy

Now i’m officially living in the North Eastern part of Singapore now and i’m proud to be a “Punggolian?”

Its quite interesting how we should label ourselves because we are living in an area or suburb. Here are a few that i think might work.

Punggol = Punggolian
Seng Kang = Seng Kanger
Marine Parade = Marine Parader
Chua Chu Kang = CCKer
Teck Whye = Teck Whye-ian (By Sylvy)
Katong = Katongitte (by Alfe)
Holland V = Hollie (by Esmond)
River Valley = River Valleyia (by Brenmae)
Hougang = Hougangster
Jurong = Juronger
Mountbatten = Mountbattie
Eunos = Eunosie

What else?

21 Replies to “suburban taxonomy”

  1. yea i like hougangster too! muahaha…and what abt bedok reservoirian? cos i live there! muahahaha…

    i used to study in Pasir Ris Sec Sch and we called ourselves PASIRIAN! Rules! haha…there u go for Pasir ris residents! hoho

    (* ‘,)

  2. it’s not teckwhye-er.. i think it should be teck whye-kia! hehe.. i was in CCKS and the school called the students CCK-SIANs, get me joke? :)

  3. Huichin, you were from Pasir Ris Sec? Hey, you know wadz? Joshua Ang (I not Stupid), is in that school…His brother also… He is in sec 2 this year and his brother is sec 1.

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