27 Replies to “September kid”

  1. congratulations!!!! I was just surfing thinking that everyone’s having a baby and here you go. Another one on the way! That’s great :)

  2. hi pearl, nick and clie:

    this is the first time that i m writing on your site. very happy for you both that nick u gonna be a pop again! God bless the Pans and stay in touch!


    andy (the not-so) lau from (X-asiaone)

  3. Yeah, it was good cake . . . me and my grandma are sort of . . .

    I love dinosaurs.

    I <3 dinosaurs!

  4. WOW~~ Congrats!!! That’s wonderful!! Hope you guys can bring them to Aust!! Clie will have so much fun wif her little bro/sis =)

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