American History X

Have been going I on a shopping spree at the video shop recently and picked up Gangs of New York and American History X recently, just finished seeing them. I just love seeing movies.

I especially like one line in American History X at the end which goes something like ‘I just feel pissed off, with what I’m not sure, but in the end its just not worth it’. I think it went something like that, but I can’t remember exactly.

I was an angry youth once, but thank God the anger and the introvert character in me blended well and it suppressed the angst till I woke up. I feel so deeply for the angry youth, the youth that is pissed, the youth that hates how the world is, the youth that has noble desires, but have been cheated and lead by ‘the way things are’. These youth are just to busy with stuff in school and life that they at times in their subconscious know that they are missing out on something, but act it out in rebellion, disrespect, anger and inconformity. Life is for the living, lets live life.

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