Clié woke up very early and kept disturbing us when we were sleeping… She climbs on us, slaps us and make all sorts of funny noises while we made ours… snoring i mean… we just switched on the tele for her and who knows what she does for entertainment in the early hours of the morning all by herself.


Anyway… we had a really good family weekend, we love going to sentosa once again. Its really nice to spend the entire day with our little girl…

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  1. that is so joel ( i know coz his room is RIGHT next to mine….we share a not-so-thick wall)!!! Only he doesn’t get amused by tv, or audio stories or music as yet….well, not for long anyway.

    so that leaves us with daily early morning complaints. yes. all the way till brenda/terence/i take him to our rooms to sleepily amuse him, whilst he does his acrobatics like he’s on steroids. :)

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