Work has been pretty stress of late… whats new… i mean like work is usually fun for me, but lately i’ve been dishing out heavy words to my co-workers… by doing that, i feel lousy too and somewhat heavy hearted… but what needs to be done, needs to be done, what needs to be said needs to be said…

So i took out my old CDs and now Rancid is battering away this heavyness with its …AND OUT COME THE WOLVES album. reminiscence… pure nostalgia…

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  1. hey nick, still waiting to see some photos of your home sweet home leh~! can u kindly upload afew or post some here? been wondering for some time aredy…

    Hui CHin (‘ ‘,)

  2. Hi Nick. Let us start each day by talking to Him. That really works for me. My day becomes fruitful and no longer painful.

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