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I know Photoshop is the industry standard software for Graphic Designers, but what about Industrial Design? What is the 3D software that is the industry standard for Industrial / Product Design?

I would really like to hear from anyone who have relevant experience in this field to share some info with me.


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  1. dunnoe if it suits ur ans..

    From wat i noe is.. UnigraphicS , Solid Designer , AutoCAD, Pro Engineering..

    Above are some of the software to draw 3d stuffs~ :)

  2. I bet you heard about Autocad ( 2D CAD). It is the CAD. Solid designer, unigraphics , inventors abd pro e etc are considered as 3D CAD , for mechanical/ industrial designer.
    But, they are mostly more for mechnical purposes.
    If you are talking bout the industrail designer, they usually use Rhino, 3D max etc for enhancing the visualisation, as the CAD tools usually do not give good realistic feels.

  3. hi!
    Industrial designers used a lot of 3d modelling software which is possible to give realistic of the best in the industry being Alias Wavefront(most car industries use that)..most standard companies use Rhinocerous which is a much cheaper version and probably easier to use than Alias,and when it is bundled with the rendering tool Brazil, it is almost photo real! 3D max is very good for its lighting effects and usually interior designers use that. There is also Solidworks, Think Design(Alessi uses that). Hope this is useful! :)

  4. has a great list of industrial design blogs about

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