nickpan @ 2005

What a weird conference, but also what an exciting initiative.

This is what the queue look like from the back outside DXO. Did anyone get the Tee? I got one Medium and one Small.

The back chat thingy was pretty cool and quite a new concept for me. I wonder if this is what they do also at SXSW. But in a way it was quite distracting. If only i had a wifi gadget i would have joined in too.

Thats my cousin Kenny from the States who is in town for his summer school break on the left and me on the right.

This is the crowd going for the food during the break. I have to say it was quite good.

Being in the toilet business i did not fail to notice the quite happening urinal solution. I have to admit i’ve never see it done this way before. But as the signage was not very clear, it was quite possible for ladies to walk in and see your… so quite erm… but then again, this is a club, so maybe it does not matter… lol…

During the break, we went for the remote control tanks. It was way fun and i think it was really nice for the organisers to throw this in for childish people like me. Quite tempted to buy, cuz i simple love tanks.

The last segment was my fave as it was about tech stuff and i am quite blown away by how professional and tech savvy Adri was. I learnt about Trackbacks, Bloglines, RSS feeds, cool stuff. I’m only sad that James did not share much, cuz i know he is a real techie.

Till the next one.

You can see the Flickr photos here.

3 Replies to “nickpan @ 2005”

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

    Always nice to have pics of cool toilets.

    I visited your photo album and found that your dinner table setting at home looked like a professional restaurant. Very nice. The food presentation is excellent!

  2. Yeah they have irc channels at SXSW for those who can’t make it. Esp those who win awards and have to give their “speech” over irc. The irc screen provides more entertainment than the event itself.

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