thepans @ NDP 2005

We manage to get tickets for the Actual Day and how we got the tickets is quite funny. My wife’s company’s HR department had some tickets and wanted to give their staff by lucky draw style, but she replied to ALL in the email braodcast and hence ALL of her company all few hundred of the staff in the organisation now know that she wants tickets. So whent he day came close, someone actually gave her the tickets. Thank God, we thought we will have to see TV this year.


Going into the padang area was quite okay as this time there was only a crowd of around 25,000 not like our national stadium which can take up to 60,000. Pearl remember me telling her that last year’s NDP Preview was going to be our last one at the statium as its going to be torn down.

I’ve seen loads of pictures of NDP 2005 on Flickr so i think i won’t want to put up the standard photos again.


My Best Photo of the day!

Cleo could not go, cuz we did not have enough tickets, too bad…


pearlpan, cliépan, nickpan


Clié wanted to put the tattos, but i could not put the “Made in Singapore” one for her as she was actually made in Australia. hee…




My gang! Signals Yeah!


The lights and performances was really cool, just wonder how much do our country spend to make our citizens happy. hmm…



Bang! Bang! Bang! another great National Day Parade!

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  1. lucky you nick. where was i on national day???? oh yea i was at sentosa! hahaha bet you have a better time i did, because we missed the fireworks >_<

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