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I was real nice to attend ATRIA Bloggers Unconference today. Its the first time i’ve seen like minded Christians coming together to discuss about technology, new media, etc.

I arrived and was surprised that a personalised tag was provided. It even had a tag cloud on it which was generated by… i’m guessing A very nice touch.

Paul Khoo introduced what ATRIA is and what it hopes to achieve and gave everyone an overview of the evening.

The evening then started off with 3 speakers sharing their views and knowledge of the New Media Scene. Nicholas Aaron Khoo shared about what the New Media space is all about, highlighted several impressive stats on what has happened over the past few years and highlighted how everyone should be relevant. Shing then continued and reassessed the whole fundamentals of New Media all together. I missed the last speaker as i had to go out to take a call.

The session then broke into discussion groups and naturally i joined the Technology Frontier as the other 2 were on Faith and Collaboration. We all introduced ourselves and the discussion then kicked off immediately with ideas, fundamental questions, views, concerns, etc. I enjoyed every moment of it.

I think there will be a video that will be put online soon by Atria… If it does come on, i’ll add to this post.

I have to say, overall, i’m quite impressed on the level of maturity and professionalism in the discussions and do look forward for the next one.

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  1. Hey Nick…I was there too, but didn’t get to meet u.

    anyway, I browsed around ur blog.. cool stuff, was really fascinated esp. abt Rolling… I cld tell u were quite into it in the past. (Just recently starting skating.. not anywhere near ur standard I’m sure.. it’s more for fitness)

    btw, your girls r really beautiful… I’ve 3 kids myself! =)

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