Singapore Science Centre


Amidst my busy schedule, i took leave today to bring the kids out. I planned to bring them out during the June holidays, but just did not manage to. Today we went to the Singapore Science Centre, its time to see if the kids are interested in Science or not.

Spinning water

We came across some really cool devices and one of the cool ones was this spinning water thingy. Apparent the faster the the column of water spins, it will leave a large void in the center.


There were so many exhibits there. Everyone had some educational value which is cool, but its really difficult to explain science to 4 or 6 year olds.

Interactive Board

This interactive board was very well done. It will grow plants, buildings and some other items. There is also a cat that will try to hide under what ever items you place on the top. The cat will basically keep finding shelters.

Interactive Board

Then with the string, if you make a junction, Trains will start appearing. Then if you made an oval, the shape fills up with water and ducks start swimming in it.


Can you spot Daddy, Clié and Cleo?

Water Play

Then after viewing almost all of the exhibits, its water play time and the kids had a blast.

All Tired

Now, all showered and dressed, they both fell asleep in the car on the way home. What a wonderful day we had.

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