Outlook 2011 for Mac vs iCloud

Can someone please tell me why Outlook 2011 for Mac can’t sync with iCloud? I’m not sure how many man hours globally have went into trying to make it work, only to find out its not possible. If someone have the solution please share.

It seems like many people end up loosing their Outlook calendars and have them moved into iCloud which syncs with iCal, but not back to Outlook. So Outlook goes BLANK! If that happened to you too, there is a way to recover your calendar.

Luckily there is a way to restore it. I found this on a forum.

  1. Disable Sync Services in Outlook and quit.
  2. In iCal, open the calendars list and right click the iCloud calendar that has all your Outlook data. Export it.
  3. In iCal Preferences, disable your iCloud account.
  4. Disable iCloud Calendar Sharing in System Preferences.
  5. In iCal, do File > Import > Import and select the file you exported in Step 2. iCal will ask which calendar to import it to, so make sure you select a local calendar.
  6. Open Outlook and re-enable sync services. Your calendar data will reappear.

So the hunt for the solution continues.

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