Clié & Cleo First Skate Park Session

We went to the ECP Skatepark to skate for the first time. The kids love the skate park so much that they simply did not want to leave.

Both fell at some point, but Cli suffered the most bruises, 4 to 5 across her knees and legs, daddy was a close second with a huge bruise just under the left kneecap. Cleo suffered nothing as she wall in full protective gear.

Its been too long since I last skated. Tried to royale on the first curb I saw not knowing its heavily waxed already + the hot sun made it really really wipe-out-ish sleek. Ouch. Ok, go slow… I’m glad i at least got back my proper royale, backside royale and soul grind. The next time i’ve got to get back my soyale, pornstar, unity, backslide, christgrind, topside whatever…

Can’t wait to go back to the skatepark again.

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