Top 6 Digital Agency Super Powers

I do web projects all the time and meet clients and colleagues of all sorts. I’ve come to realise back in 2007 that individuals need to have some superpowers in order to get across everyday. Here are top 6 I got inspired from Heroes.

  1. Telepathy & Clairvoyance - An ability to see into a clients mind and understand what he means by “ I want it easy to use”, and others such vaguerisms. Need to be able to get into a client’s mind and find out what they want to do.
  2. Persuasion - An ability to convince a client that he does not need a flash splash screen or pages of content that reads “Under Construction”. More importantly to educate clients to know that the rates are very fair.
  3. Precognition - An ability to see into the future and anticipate new trends. The ability to design what the client will eventually accept so as to skip the countless time wasting revisions.
  4. Invulnerability - Even when the style police start picking on the website, this ability stops looking at the negative criticisms and focus on the possible next steps.
  5. Technopathy - Control, configure & commission technological solutions with superb knowledge across all platforms.
  6. Intuitive Aptitude - Ability to analyse complex systems and intuitively understand how they work without special education or training.

So what other “Abilities” do you think is useful?

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