A day at the Zoo

Cleo on a Cow

Its a family day to the Zoo today and i’ve been looking forward to it for some time already.

Both on Pram

This time we were clever, we did not rent the trolley thingy… we just made do with our sturdy pram. Both Clié and Cleo managed to sit comfortably in it. I think in a years time, this might not be possible already.

Daddy & Clié

My Clié loves using the digital camera and enjoys taking pictures. Maybe its a gadget thing, maybe its a i-can-control-this-device thing, maybe she just wanna do what i do. Ok, so a silly picture for all to see. :)


We were in time for the elephant show and Cleo was just glued to the performance. Clié however just wanted to take pictures of the elephants and was afraid when they came close to spray water at us thru their trunks. lol…

The lovers

And i’m glad i brought my best friend along too… my wife, my love…

3 Replies to “A day at the Zoo”

  1. ur a sweet daddy i love lookin at cleo n clie pics hope ya update more often hehe ..ur 2 angels r the most adorable 1s i ever seen..may god bless ya:)

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