2000s in review

Its the end of the year. End of the decade actually. So in twitter style I tried to get it down to 140 characters.

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11:11 PM Dec 30th, 2009

To help myself remember what happened between 2000 – 2009, I think I better write things down.

  • Started personal news publishing (now known as blogging) with NewsPro and now i’m on WordPress.
  • Went to Curtin for my uni where i got to meet Mark Graber and worked at MG Consulting (now Websmart) as a web designer and that paid for my living expenses while i was in Perth.
  • Worked at Sansei full time as the Marketing Manager and travelled across Italy and quite a number of places in Europe.
  • Had my first daughter Clié.
  • Bought my first house in Punggol.
  • Registered my first business, Span Design (which i hardly do anything about now).
  • Had my second daughter Cleo.
  • Started working and doing serious web work for the first time in Convertium as a Project Manager and got to know lots of wonderful people.
  • Got involved with WebSG which i think might be one of the most important group of people in Singapore’s Web Scene.
  • Knew for sure my Career would be in web related stuff.
  • Went to Japan for a REAL holiday with Pearl.
  • Left Convertium as Projects Director and joined Qais.
  • Bought an iPhone which changed my online habits totally.
  • Went to Taiwan for another REAL holiday with Pearl.
  • Left CNL which i’ve been there since 1993 and joined Riverlife in 2009.
  • Realised that deep down inside, i’m actually an IA (Information Architect).
  • In 2009, the most important thing would be I found out a lot more about Love.

Nobody knows what the next 10 years will bring, but I’ve got plans and hope that things will turn out well. For the next 10 years, there will be the need for strong faith, there will be the need for stamina, there will be the need for balance and more importantly, there will still be the need for Love. <3 <3. Hello 2010.

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